Announcing the BCG Insights Reportal - a new way to experience your feedback data! LEARN MORE

We're excited to announce that Bridgetower Media and Arizona Capitol Times have joined the program as our media partners. Through a special state-wide publication along with a special recognition event, Bridgetower Media and Arizona Capitol Times are committed to enhancing the state-wide recognition and exposure our winners deserve. We will also be introducing new sub lists to include employers who have excelled in creating awesome workplaces for groups like Veterans, Hispanics and for women.

What has not changed:

  • Participation is still free for the online survey process.
  • We will still be here for you! As always, we will give you the white glove treatment, helping you navigate the registration process.
  • The Employer Benchmark reports will be included with the purchase of the BCG Insights Reportal, formerly known as the Employee Feedback Report. (This is not a part of the new AZCentral program).
  • If you have received your Employee Feedback Report in the past, your historical data from the previous survey results will be included for trending purposes.
  • If you have less than 35 employees in Arizona (minimum requirement is 15), you can still participate.
  • As always, Denise Gredler and her team at BestCompaniesAZ will continue to be available to assist you in analyzing your report and helping you gain more earned media from your award. You can contact Denise at (480) 545-5151 or visit to learn more.

What will be new and improved:

  • New Employer Questionnaire with added COVID-19 questions for benchmarking.
  • Employee survey will include Work@Home questions for those working remotely.
  • Improved state-wide exposure for the winners.
  • A recognition event produced by event experts.
  • The new "BCG Insights Reportal" which will allow you to easily sort through your results using the new online dashboard. 

Introducing the BCG Insights Reportal!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new reporting site for you to explore your survey results in an interactive and meaningful way. Unlock hidden potential and opportunity for improvement using your employee feedback data.

You’ll find multiple levels of data in one easy-to-navigate site. And don’t worry, you can still download the reports you’re accustomed to receiving through BCG in the same format.

Contact your Program Coordinator or click here to learn more today!


SPECIAL OFFER: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Best Companies Group has created a Work@Home Pulse Survey to help employers gather feedback from their employees who are now facing a work at home environment. It is designed to collect feedback from employees who have shifted to working from home as well as from employees who are still reporting to a physical work location. These questions will appear on this year's employee survey at no additional charge.

Here is how the process will work:
Online survey participants: The additional questions will be added as part of the employee survey.

Paper survey participants: Due to the constraints of physical paper surveys, we can send your organization a link to the additional Work@Home survey that can be posted to an internal intranet or emailed to employees to collect their responses.

Click here for a complete Work@Home Pulse Survey sample. The results will be delivered in a Response Distribution Report format along with employee comments as part of the purchased BCG Insights Report package.

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