Mid-Year Pulse12 Survey

Best Companies Group is excited to inform you that we are now offering Pulse12 surveys.  The Pulse12 is a midyear, abbreviated version of our employee survey used in our “Best Places to Work” programs.

The Pulse12 is an inexpensive solution to measure change that may have occurred to ensure resources are being focused in the right areas. (See sample of Pulse12 survey)

  • IT’S EASY…Just tell us you're interested, and we will help you get set up. We will use the information and email addresses* we receive as part of the current “Best” program that you are participating in.  We will reach out to your organization’s designatepd primary contact in about six months when the Pulse12 survey is about to begin.
  • IT’S AFFORDABLE…The standard Pulse12 survey is only $295.00. Pay by credit card when you register.

Why Sign up for the Pulse12 now?
Your organization will be able to learn if your workforce satisfaction and engagement levels have been influenced by any or all of the following:

  • Implementation of HR policies or initiatives
  • Staffing changes
  • Recent organizational successes or challenges
  • Survey timing
  • Changes in the economy
  • Changes in your industry
  • World news and events

Important information about the Pulse12. The Pulse12 is only available to organizations eligible to use the online survey process and who have purchased the Employee Feedback Report.

Have questions? Please email


*Participation in the BCG Pulse survey will in no way impact your organization’s scoring and possible ranking for any upcoming or previous Best Companies Group “Best” programs. Pulse12 surveys will take place only after the event or publication for a “Best” program have occurred.  For that reason, your program’s Pulse12 may occur a little bit sooner or later than 6 months.

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